Jun 29, 2016

Ep. 165- Battleground, Pipe Bomb Legacy, and Osprey vs. Vader

With over a month to go before Battleground, we hit up some major news surrounding the world of pro wrestling. It's also our 5th year as a podcast! Which brings us to looking at the event that sort of triggered this podcast in the first place- the CM Punk Pipe Bomb. In a lot of ways, this historic moment changed the landscape of the WWE and we discuss the legacy of that fateful event. We want to hear what you think about it, so after the show send us a Tweet with the hashtag #punkpipebomblegacy and let us know your thoughts on it. Did CM Punk really change the system or is he just a skinny fat-ass? Let us know @2countKO 


Jun 16, 2016

Ep. 163 - The 2-Count Kickout Draft - Episode 6

It's Draft time again, listeners! Defending Champion Mikey in the Bank goes head-to-head against challenger The Big Shope, we briefly discuss the upcoming WWE Draft, and a brand new tag team is born (#PainTrain). Don't forget to cast your votes on Facebook and Twitter to decide who will be our champion!


Jun 15, 2016

Ep, 162- Cruiser Weight Classic and Money in the Bank Predictions

On this week's show we are joined via Skype by recurring guest-host, Annie Kauffman. We talk a little bit about what we liked on NXT: The End and get into our MITB predictions. The Cruiserweight Classic is also examined. Be sure to tell us on Twitter who you think the WWE should have put in the Classic and be sure to use the hashtag #2countcwcrejects for a chance to win tickets to Knokx Pro Wrestling July 25th. 

Link to the event- http://www.knokxpro.com/

Jun 1, 2016

Ep. 159- The Brand Split, Ricochet vs. Ospreay, and #wrestlingrecast

It's a busy week for wrestling news and the 2-Count crew is on it tonight! Topics include: the Raw/Smackdown split announcement, RAW developments, Cody Rhodes 1st bucket list match confirmed, Vader's sour grapes commentary on Ricochet vs. Ospreay at New Japan Pro Wrestling. And stay tuned to the end for another very special bright shining star of a #wrestlingrecast of Boogie Nights!

Think we missed a good recast? Hit us up at Twitter @2countKO and use the hashtag #wrestlingrecast. 

May 18, 2016

Ep. 157- Extreme Rules 2016 Predictions

Joey Shope joins us for his first guest appearance as "The Big Shope" to chime in on predictions for Sunday's PPV. A newcomer to wrestling fandom,The Big Shope expresses his fondness for sexual chocolate as introducing a new segment on the show- the Vague Name Game. Be sure to follow us on Twitter @2countko


May 11, 2016

Ep, 156- Super Cut Party

The WWE has recently cut a tone of talent from their roster which gets the gang into a deep discussion on wrestlers who's talent has been underrated. Our picks might surprise you. Also, Annie Kaufman Skypes in from Parts Unknown to mourn the future-endeavored Sandow and talk NXT highlights. Listeners, who do you feel deserves much more than he or she has got from the WWE? Let us know @2countkickout 


May 4, 2016

Ep. 155 - Payback Recap, Ryback, Chyna, and BAD IMPACT

Back at it again, Smarks! To start off, apologies for the sound quality in this episode. We were using different equipment. Also, I don't know what that thumping is, but it's throughout. So sorry about that.

Now, in this episode we welcome back Mota City Machine Guns and welcome brand new guest A&J Security! We then review Payback, talk the Extreme Rules card, discuss the Ryback situation, pay our respects to Chyna and talk Impact badness. 

Apr 22, 2016

The 2-Count Kickout Draft - Episode 5

The Draft is back! After a small delay due to a mix of technical difficulties and hectic schedules, the Draft returns to see Defending Champion Nick Foley take on his newest challenger, Mikey in the Bank!

As always, the two GMs battle to see who can create the better PPV card, and it's up to you to decide! Don't forget to cast your votes on Facebook and Twitter to decide who will be our champion!


Apr 13, 2016

Ep. 151- RAW and Axxess with Mikey in the Bank

As the title says, Mikey is in studio to share stories from his time at Wrestlemania Axxess. We get his take on Wrestlemania this year as well as some cool stories about some of the superstars he met. But mostly, we just riff on the new RAW that was actually really good. Cautious optimism has us in a chokehold, smarks! 


Apr 1, 2016

Ep. 149- Best Fantasy Booking Ever

Forget about any fantasy booking you've ever thought of, smarks. Don't you dare be sour. Clap for this 2-Count 
Draft episode and feeeeel the power!


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