Jul 12, 2018

Ep. 256- Darwin Finch in studio! Extreme Rules Predictions and G1 Special Recap!

The Punk Rock Poindexter, Darwin Finch (@darwinfinch3) returns to  2-Count Studios and you are in for a treat, s'marks. We catch up with Darwin, going over his busy wrestling schedule as of late, as well as his recent RAW appearance. Also, we run-down Extreme Rules predictions for this weekend- in record time! IN other news, the New Japan G1 Special at the Cow Palace was awesome and we get into those details as well. Hope your summer is kick ass smarks! 


Jun 28, 2018

Ep. 255- Extreme Rules. the 7-year-old Pipe Bomb, and Bad Bakersfield Doggo

The 3-Live Crew has some crazy wrestling news to cover this week. First off, we talk the developments leading into Extreme Rules. Next, we celerate the fateful CM Punk Pipe Bomb Promo that turns seven this week. In many ways, this promo and our show are connected and its always something to look back on and discuss. Lastly, some weird shit went down in Bakersfield. Maybe Shinsuke Nakamura is made of drugs, or he's a bomb, or maybe both? 


Jun 21, 2018

Ep. 254- Vader Remembered and Takeover/ Money Recap!

The 3 Live Crew is back with another great episode! First we remember the great life of the best big man in the biz, Vader, dead at 63. Then, we get on to the events of last weekend with NXT Takeover Chicago II and Money in the Bank. Plus, we need a little help distinguishing between Lex Luger and Sid Vicious. Please send help.  Also, I'm totally serious about that request we make on the show for a My Little Pony/ Dudley Boyz mashup drawing. I will personally give you a cool prize from the studio for that. Find us on Twitter @2countKO


Jun 14, 2018

Ep. 253- Takeover and Money in the Bank pre-show!

The Big Shope joins us tonight to roudable talk our predictions for NXT Takeover: Chicago and Money in the Bank! Also, we have hot takes on New Japan Dominion and a one Phil Brooks spirited second attempt at UFC greatness. Yikes. 


May 31, 2018

Ep. 252- Howdy Price returns (and we wish Enzo wouldn’t)

Howdy Price of Championship Wrestling from Hollywood (AKA Dino Winwood, AKA Boby Ramos) stops by to talk fun wreslting stories. We take a look at the ever-filling card of Money in the Bank, now only two weeks away! Also, Enzo Amore is back as the rapper Real1 and we kind of wish he'd be Real Done after we run down his music video Phoenix on the show. How you doin'? Answer: not good.  


May 24, 2018

Ep. 251- WWE is crazy like a Fox

On today's awesome show, Little Jimmy and Nuthugger Alex discuss the big network changes as Smackdown possibly heads over to Fox. What changes can we expect to our beloved WWE? Also, we continue our speculations on the road to Money in the Bank and we get inspired from Daniel Bryan on the internet. Give it a listen and you'll be inspired too! Yes! YES! YES! 


May 17, 2018

Ep. 250- The road to Money in the Bank and ALL IN wins big!

Mikey in the Bank is our special guest host for this action packed show. Along with Nuthugger Alex, we look at the developments that are setting us up for Money in the Bank next month. Also, John Cena works us over. Also, ALL IN is becoming the little indy that can selling out their event in just 30 minutes! 


May 3, 2018

Ep. 249- “Greatest” Royal Rumble and Backlash Predictions

Well, that happened. We're not sure if we can call it the Greatest Royal Rumble, but there is a cool belt that came out of it. On today's show, we have a new guest and fill-in co-host- Winston Regal. He'll share his insights and improv expertise on today's show as we delve into the weirdness that was the GRR and then we move over to our Backlash predictions for this Sunday in Newark, New Jersey. 


Apr 26, 2018

Ep. 248- The Greatest Royal Rumble predictions

Rob Van Dan returns to fill-in as co-host this week. The topic: the very controversial Greatest Royal Rumble happening this Friday at 9AM Pactific time. The place: Saudi Arabia. This podcast: the greatest analysis you'll get this week!


Apr 19, 2018

Ep. 247- The Superstar Shakeup and Love is Dead

This week we're covering the draft picks for RAW and Smackdown otherwise known as the Superstar Shakeup. Each of us gives the switch they loved, hated, and the one they would have added to the mix. But helping us this time is none other than returning guest and friend of the show KK B Ware! Also, love has died everybody. 


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