Dec 5, 2019

Ep. 305- We all drop a Dumb Nugget from time to time

Graham Bam Bigelow blesses the mics tonight to guest host as we catch up on some wrestling news. We compare the overall performance of WWE and NXT, plus we try to figure out why Corey Graves is such a dick. If you want a cheap Twitter Champion win, its time to "@" him on behalf of Nuthugger Alex. Also! Jim Cornette gaffes! Buckets of fried chicken in Ethiopia? What are your hot takes on this, listener? Hit us up on Twitter @2countKO

Nov 14, 2019

Ep. 304- CM Punk returns and Full Gear fallout w/ Dino Winwood

Dino Winwood aka Howdy Price of Championship Wrestling from Hollywood returns for a fully loaded show! Big news with the return of CM Punk (as a Fox employee) as a WWE analyst. Full Gear happened over the weekend and its still has a ripple effect on us over here. What did you think? Hit us up at @2countKO

Jun 28, 2018

Ep. 255- Extreme Rules. the 7-year-old Pipe Bomb, and Bad Bakersfield Doggo

The 3-Live Crew has some crazy wrestling news to cover this week. First off, we talk the developments leading into Extreme Rules. Next, we celerate the fateful CM Punk Pipe Bomb Promo that turns seven this week. In many ways, this promo and our show are connected and its always something to look back on and discuss. Lastly, some weird shit went down in Bakersfield. Maybe Shinsuke Nakamura is made of drugs, or he's a bomb, or maybe both? 

Mar 8, 2018

Ep. 242- New NXT Title, All-In, Hillbilly Jim and Fastlane!

It's a jam-packed news show s'marks! There's a new NXT title! Also, Cody and the Young Bucks are going "all in" in Chicago. Will a certain Chicago Made Punk make his way to appearing at said event? The whole 2-Count team is also flexing hard over Hillbilly Jim's induction into the 2018 Hall of Fame. Also, Fastlane is happening this weekend. Meh? 

Jun 29, 2016

Ep. 165- Battleground, Pipe Bomb Legacy, and Osprey vs. Vader

With over a month to go before Battleground, we hit up some major news surrounding the world of pro wrestling. It's also our 5th year as a podcast! Which brings us to looking at the event that sort of triggered this podcast in the first place- the CM Punk Pipe Bomb. In a lot of ways, this historic moment changed the landscape of the WWE and we discuss the legacy of that fateful event. We want to hear what you think about it, so after the show send us a Tweet with the hashtag #punkpipebomblegacy and let us know your thoughts on it. Did CM Punk really change the system or is he just a skinny fat-ass? Let us know @2countKO 

Jun 10, 2015

Ep. 102- Money in the Bank prediction show!

It's the 3rd special event in only four goddamn weeks, but bet your sweet ass we're going to cover it, s'marks!
Also on this show, we have a first time guest host- Seandertaker. Plus, we cover the Twitter war between notable Thor comics writer Phil Brooks and a leather couch known as Hulk Hogan. It's all pretty great. Be sure to follow us on Twitter @2countKO and get notifications for our Periscope streams!

Jan 7, 2015

Ep. 81- The Road to…house shows?

Happy New Year, smarks! We're still stuck in a weird limbo as we wait for the road to Royal Rumble to get started. Joining us tonight is returning favorite substitute co-host- Annie Kauffman. Sitting in as our special guest is Mikey in the Bank Robleto! Together, we weigh in on the Authority's return on RAW, WWE's amazing Live events, and Al Bundy fighting CM Punk? It's a fun show with a lot of surprises so strap in for another great year here at 2-Count. (@2countko) 


Dec 3, 2014

Ep. 76- CM Punk Breaks his Silence (and the Internet)

The title says it all. CM Punk is a major issue of contention between our two hosts. So what happens when Marvel Comics writer Phil Brooks finally tells his side of the story? We break it down on this week's show? (Yes, we're fully aware we are reviewing a podcast with our podcast). 

Nov 12, 2014

Ep.73 - Survivor Series main event and Twitter questions!

It's late. We are tired. Nuthugger, Lil, and special guest Graham Bam Bigelow talk Survivor Series main event and answer your twitter questions....zzzzzzzz

Sep 10, 2014

Ep. 65- NXT Takeover predictions and RAW Season Premiere

Annie Li Saunders returns with the new in-ring name "Annie Kaufman" to dish on the nearly-disastrous RAW season premiere. What has us excited over here at the 2-Count studio, however, is the upcoming NXT Takeover this Thursday Sept. 11th on the WWE Network. We do our 1st NXT prediction show. You don't want to miss this one, s'marks. Be sure to follow us on Twitter @2countKO and Little Jimmy @drstebick and Annie Kaufman @anniemated and continue your rants there.

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