Jun 14, 2016

Ep. 161- 2-Count Hardcore SPECIAL- TerritoryMania

We're doubling up with a special "2-Count Hardcore" Episode along with the regular Wednesday show this week.
2-Count Hardcore is our special in-depth episode hosted by Graham Bam Bigelow.Graham-Bam goes above and beyond the mat to uncover the great lore of professional wrestling. Today's topic: the territory years! 
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Oct 16, 2015

Ep. 122- 2-Count HARDCORE Special

Correspondent and all-around maniacal masochist, Graham Bam Bigelow presents another special episode in the 2-count universe. On this very hardcore episode, Tough Enough is examined. Strap yourself in smarks, there are no disqualifications for the greatness that's about to hit your ears.