Nov 4, 2015

Ep. 127- “Oh what a lovely day” for a Movie Recast

The American Dragon Lisa Bryan steps in to cohost with Little Jimmy to talk Survivor Series developments. After awhile, the team takes on two movie recast challenges. What do you think of our all-wrestler recast of Mad Max: Fury Road and The Princess Bride? Holler at us on Twitter @2countKO

Oct 28, 2015

Ep. 125- Hell in a Cell 2015 and Pasta-Mania

We're cashing in special guest host Mikey in the Bank for our annual Hell in a Cell post-mortem show! Little Jimmy was in attendance at the Staples Center for this pretty awesome pay-per-view and he's got stories to share. Plus, we cover the recent leak of Hulk Hogan's 1998 WCW contract on Reddit. It runs wild all over the internet, brother. 

Oct 21, 2015

Ep. 123- Hell in a Cell (and off the rails)

Our hosts are super-punchy tired tonight and they battle card-by-card in this prediction show. How will Hell in a Cell turn out? Will we know anything about Mania soon after? What IS the best Journey song to come out on a titantron?

Hit us up on the twitter @2countKO

Oct 7, 2015

Ep. 119- NXT: Respect Prediction Show!

We have a great show for you today, s'marks as we run down the upcoming NXT special event: Respect! And coming in from very far away, fan favorite- Annie Kaufman is in studio! She's one of the best NXT marks we know and she brings it in this prediction show. Be sure to follow us at @2countKO. 

Sep 30, 2015

Ep. 118- Trina Michaels

The lovely Trina Michaels sits in for an in-depth interview on today's show. She talks about her journey from the world of adult films to becoming a badass wrestling manager. You'll hear some of her amazing stories of how she mastered the art of getting heat from a crowd, her brief partnering with Jon Moxley a.k.a. Dean Ambrose, and how she once used her natural talents to shut up one rowdy audience member. Look up her special appearances on Twitter @TrinaMania. Also, in this episode, we have a very special announcement that we'd like your feedback on, so hit us up on the Twitter @2countKO or sound off on our Facebook page. 

Sep 22, 2015

Ep. 117- Night of Champions, Paige Pipebomb, and Weztlemania?

It's a fun-filled show with special guest Dude Love Von Doom. He talks wrestling training and takes the 2-count team down a weird pun-based, rabbit hole. Also, Annie Kaufman is our virtual co-host via Skype. We break down Night of Champions and discuss the fallout that will lead up to Hell in a Cell. 

Sep 16, 2015

Ep. 116- Night of Champions Predictions

The boys are back to rundown Night of Champions. Darkest timelines are explored. ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED!?

Sep 8, 2015

Ep. 115- Wrestle News and Sami Zayn Versus the World

Returning guest host Rob Van Dan sits with Little Jimmy to cover all the recent wrestling news. Seth's woes on RAW, barricade-jumping fans, Diva bullshit, and the Snuka Situation are covered. Also, we do another 2-Count Movie Recast this time with Scott Pilgrim Versus the World. What do you think? Check us out on Twitter @2countKO 

Sep 2, 2015

Ep. 114- Interview with Ruby RAZE

The Equal Opportunity Ass Kicker, Ruby Raze sits in studio to tell stories of her indy wrestling rise from manager to wrestler. We hear how she mastered the fine art of making people hate you to the point where she was once stalked by a murderous old lady. She also has a lot of fun stuff to say about her last trip to the Gathering of the Juggalos with Juggalo Pro Wrestling. On top of all that, a ton of weird shit happened in wrestling this week. Hit us up on Twitter to join in the conversation. 

Ruby Raze: all social media @razerpops

Aug 26, 2015

Ep. 113- Summerslam Weekend and Raw Recap

Holy balls was this an intense weekend in the WWE. Rollins becomes the "guy", the Divas Revolution is a sham, Bo Dallas is presumed dead, Bayley deserves all the hugs and so much more. Check it out! 

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