Apr 2, 2014

Road To WrestleMania: Roundtable Episode - Part 1

Another all-new 2-Count Kick Out? Yes! Yes! Yes! This time, Nuthugger Alex and Little Jimmy are joined by Bad News Garrett (Garrett Gamarra) and K.K. B. Ware (Kevin Kretzer) for their annual WrestleMania Roundtable episode! We discuss our favorite WrestleManias, favorite matches, what we are looking forward to this year and predictions from our guests! An awesome show and we got more coming! WATCH IT!

Mar 30, 2014

Road To WrestleMania: Updating Wrestlemania

The tag team is reunited! Nuthugger Alex and Little Jimmy are back together! We are not a full unit, however, as Producer Lars is still out after he failed the Wellness Policy. We are joined by Graham Bam Bigelow to update the Road to Wrestlemania! We talk Occupy Raw, Daniel Bryan, Triple H, Brock vs Taker and more! Listen and laugh, smarks!

Mar 17, 2014

Road To WrestleMania: Elimination Chamber!

Oh you didn't know, smarks? Your ass better listen to this podcast! An all-new 2-Count Kick Out ready to body slam your ears!....wait....

Anyways, Nuthugger Alex is back, but not his tag team partners. So, he recruits "The American Dragon" Lisa Bryan and Matt Matterson (Matthew Thomas) to join him as he discusses Elimination Chamber, WrestleMania 30, CM Punk, the awesomeness of the Shield and, of course, the Iron Sheik! A great episode as always! 
Now, kow your roles and LISTEN!

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