Dec 17, 2013

Ep. 50- PPV Recap Minisode!

Hey! We're here with a new episode. Your semi-regular star run down the latest pay-per-views in the WWE with expert precision. We're just that good. It's like a mini-history lesson brought to you by the greatest wrestling podcast of all time. Wait, not "like", "is". You're welcome!


Dec 2, 2013

Ep. 49- The Return of 2-Count Kickout!

We're back s'marks. It's been a long hiatus, but your dynamic dudes have arisen from a Kane-like disappearance in Wyatt Country. In this episode, Little Jimmy and Nuthugger Alex recap all the latest developments in the WWE and determine what truly is best for business (spoiler alert: nothing the WWE is doing right now). Also, apparently we have a Tumblr. Go check it out. It's funny as Hell (in a Cell or otherwise).


Jul 13, 2013

Episode 48- Money in the Bank 2013 PREVIEW!!!!

Are you ready smarks?!? The unofficial 2-Count anniversary is here! Unfortunately, no Producer Lars for this show so Nuthugger Alex and Little Jimmy go solo (with a run in from Little's girlfriend, Nikki James) where they discuss the upcoming Money in the Bank PPV? Will John Cena be sent to the Hall of Pain by Mark Henry? Will Dolph get back his title? Who will win the MITB briefcases? Why is The Shield on the pre show? We answer all those and more! After that, we talk casting rumors for a "STEVEN RICHARDS" *wink wink* movie, discuss how much we would pay to spoon Sunny and say what the F is tweetin' Shiekie. An Awesome show! So listen!


Jul 8, 2013

Ep. 47- Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives to the Outside!

It's time for another great round table episode with some returning super guests. Austin 3:17 and Graham Bam Bigelow sit in to run down some of the most memorable moments from past Money in the Bank matches. Also! Nip slips, RVD's frog splash of a return, and a hilarious true story in memory of the recently dearly departed Doink the Clown.


Jun 14, 2013

Ep. 46- Pay Back 2013 Pre-show!

Today, the boys run down the cards for the upcoming PAYBACK ppv this coming Sunday. With them is returning guest Matt Matterson of the Lobby Improv. Together, these master marks discover that there really isn't a whole lotta payback happening in this poorly named PPV. Also, Little Jimmy pulls another top ten list from and Nuthugger Alex checks in on "What's Tweeting Shiekie?". Do our Stone Cold Locks hold up? Join us on Facebook to get in on the action.


May 16, 2013

Ep. 45- Extreme Rules 2013 Predictions

As promised s'marks- episode twooooo of this week's in-depth predictions of Extreme Rules 2013. Stone Cold Locks are called, bold predictions made, and the boys check in on What's Tweeting Shiekie. Let us be your premiere, pre-show podcast! You're welcome!


May 15, 2013

Ep. 44- Extreme Rules Talk and Forgotten Wrestlers of the Past Decade

Wooooooo! The boys are back to gibber jabber about the upcoming 2013 Extreme Rules PPV. Also, Little Jimmy brings us a list from (Totally a free plug there folks), regarding the top ten most forgettable wrestlers of the past decade. What a relief that Scotty Goldman was not on that list (Hey, Colt Cabana). The dust has settled after Wrestlemania; where do we go from here?


Apr 5, 2013

Ep. 43- Wrestlemania 2013 Predictions

It's here s'marks! Happy Wrestling Christmas! Nuthugger Alex and Lil' Jimmy welcome back guest favorite Austin 3:17 to finally lay down the predictions on the latest showcase of the immortals. We run down each match, give our predictions, and battle another brutal round of Austin's Wrestlemania Trvia. Let us be the funniest damn pre-show to your kickass Sunday!


Mar 30, 2013

Ep.42- More Wrestlemania rundown with SPECIAL GUESTS!

The boys of 2-COunt are back for more Wrestling goodness! This time, Producer Lars is out of action and we are joined by Graham Bam Bigelow and newcomer Rob Van Dan (Daniel Conder) to discuss all the goings ons in wrestling! We start by giving our thoughts on the passing of Paul Bearer, how Wrestlemania 29 is shaping up and some injury news concerning CM Punk! An AWWWWWEEEESSSOOOMMMMEEE show! Listen and enjoy!


Mar 4, 2013

Ep. 41- Road to Wrestlemania 2013 Show Part 2!!!

And we're back again s'marks to continue our rumblings and speculations while we jam on down the road to Wrestlemania. Sitting in studio once again, Nick "Foley" gets in on all the fun in a great roundtable show. Send us a message on our Facebook at and join in the discussion.


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