Apr 3, 2019

Ep. 282- Wrestlemania 35!

Happy Wrestle-Christmas one and all! Here we all are once again for the greatest stage of them all- Wrestlemania. 

Mar 28, 2019

Ep 281- The Road to Wrestlemania w/ Chris “The Perfect Mar-TEN”

Here we go again! It's just a short ride left before we exit the off-ramp to awesome and head into the showcase of the immortals: Wrestlemania 35! With us tonight is returning guest host from a while back- Chris "The Perfect Mar-TEN". @CRRMartin

Apr 12, 2018

Ep. 246- Wrestlemania 34 Post Show!

It's a Braun Strowman monster-sized review show! With us in studio is Austin 3:17 who brings us his usual Wrestlemania trivia. Also, we talk the new debuts and shake-ups on the RAW and Smackdown post-WM shows. 

Apr 5, 2018

Ep. 245 - The Wrestlemania 34/NXT Takeover Prediction Show!

It's that time again, smarks! With every passing Wrestlemania weekend comes another 2-Count Kick Out Wrestlemania Prediction Show! Will the Empress Asuka's streak have enough to overcome Queen Charlotte Flair's reign as Smackdown Women's Champ? Will the group-of-shrieking-buzzards-in-a-human-costume known as Stephanie McMahon get her comeuppance from Rhoda Rousey? Will John Cena put over the legendary TBD? Come listen as Little Jimmy, Nuthugger Alex and temporary producer Tetsuya Raito (formerly Goldchain Dust) weigh in on all of this weekend's wrestling extravaganza!